• Save for 3 consecutive months
  • We give three times of savings.
  • The loan interest is 1% per month
  • Shares are part of the loan security.
  • Repayment period upto 36 months.
  • Flexible security requirements – No guarantors required.
  • First loan maximum amount – Kshs. 500,000/-



  • Business Loans
  • Education loans
  • Fixed Deposit
  • Junior Savings Account
  • Asset Finance
  • Project Finance


Borrowing should always be budgeted for, and carefully planned, so you know whether you can afford the repayments. Always repay your loan as scheduled and where possible ahead of schedule. Late payment may not only result in penalties, but may disqualify you for further credit. Whenever you are not able to make payments on time, call the Credit Dept in advance and explain.